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Digital Reflections aims to provide you with an affordable World Wide Web Authoring and Hosting service. We use some of the most sophisticated high technology equipment available.

[Geralton Wax Flowers]An ideal way to give your Company an international presence and world-wide exposure is to advertise on one of the Digital Reflections pages via the rental of a banner like the one you clicked on to get here.

The costs for banners on the various pages is based on the number of accesses that each page has been averaging.

For instance The Cairns Home Page is heavily accessed and the cost of one of the two banners on it is consequently more expensive than a less accessed page.

Costs** for the Cairns site are as follows:-




3-months 6-months 12-months
* Cairns Home Page (Top) Maximum $750/month $3,825 $6,375
* Cairns Home Page (Bottom) Maximum $600/month $2,700 $4,500
* Accommodation (Top) Very High $400/month $1,800 $3,000
* Accommodation (Bottom) Very High $300/month $1,350 $2,250
* Attractions (Top) High $300/month $1,350 $2,250
* Attractions (Bottom) High $200/month $900 $1,500
* Tours (Top) High $300/month $1,350 $2,250
* Tours (Bottom) High $200/month $900 $1,500
* Maps (Top) Moderate $200/month $900 $1,500
* Map (Bottom) Moderate $100/month $450 $750
* General Moderate $100/month $450 $2,250
* Fishing and Boating Moderate $100/month $450 $750
* Weather Moderate $100/month $450 $750
* Transport Moderate $100/month $450 $750
* Events Moderate $100/month $450 $750
* General Moderate $100/month $450 $750
* Other Pages Moderate $75/month $350 $600

**A 10% GST (Goods and Services Tax) is to be added to all quoted prices.
If paid by credit card there is an additional 3.55% card surcharge applicable.

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